You’ve ended up at my blog because you’ve been searching for answers on one of two topics. Burning fat or Building muscle. I’m sure by now you’ve come across a plethora of information on both. They are two of the most searched topics on the internet and as such there are hundreds of thousands of programs and products that claim to facilitate both of them.

I know because I used to research these topics endlessly myself.

I stopped researching online when I started competing in bodybuilding competitions and hired a prep coach. I decided to hire someone who knew what I wanted to know and follow their instructions to the T (or as best I could).

No surprise, the results where great! The process was a pain in the ass and very difficult to follow, but it worked! I went from 225lbs to 185lbs in 16 weeks (see picture to left).

Finally I had figured out how to get crazy shredded and still have plenty of my hard earned muscle mass!

Problem was that following that first show I gained a whopping 20lbs the first week once I came off of the prep (the diet leading up to the competition).

What I didn’t understand at the time was how quickly my new physique would balloon up once I discontinued following the unsustainable bodybuilding diet I had to follow.

I learned a lot during that first prep. But perhaps the most important thing I learned was that following a process that is unsustainable will only give you unsustainable results.

To say it another way. Any results you get from a diet or program will only last as long as you’re able to follow that diet or program.

Think HGC Diet. Remember that? It was a popular weight loss program/strategy a few years ago that required a participant to reduce calories dangerously low (something like 500 calories/day) while injecting themselves with HGC (a hormone produced from the urine or pregnant woman). The idea was that the HGC would prevent your body from wasting away while the large caloric deficit resulted in significant weight loss.

Anyway, I bring this up to illustrate my point about unsustainable programs and their temporary or even harmful results. My experience with most people that tried this type of diet is that, YES they lost some weight (some lost a lot of weight). But once the program was over and they went back to eating normally what do you think happened?

All that fat came back and they brought their friends!

Most people I know that followed this program and others like it long enough to see any significant results, ended up gaining every bit of it (and more usually) back!

This is the case with most diets or weight loss programs. There are a lot of reasons this happens and all of them will be covered in the pages of this blog.

So when I ballooned up after dropping 40 pounds and getting super shredded I started doing some research. I hired a different coach who had a different approach. And I went through the process again.

I repeated this several times until I came up with my own approach to dieting that allowed me to achieve the physique I wanted without making life miserable. But most importantly I figured out how to apply these hard core bodybuilding diets for maximum fat loss without gaining all of my weight back every time.

I developed an approach to building muscle and burning fat that is the most sustainable approach available anywhere. My process if available in a program that I call the Bulk & Shred System which I sell on this blog. But if you’d rather hold onto your money, then head over to my blog and go through the material. There is plenty of information provided on this website to get you started if you’d like to go for it on your own.

In any case I hope you find the information here useful. Good luck and thank you for visiting my website!

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