A Simple Status Update

Doing one of my last cardio sessions before my big show this weekend and I’m cruising through Facebook. I come across my assistant coaches status update, it reads:

“Someone at work asked me what’s the first thing I’ll eat Saturday after the finals….I have no idea, nothing even comes to mind. I’m only focused in what I need to do right NOW!”

It’s a simple status update. But it says a lot about her state of mind going into this competition.

Me, I have a freaking list and an order as to what I’ll be eating and drinking after the show. Sad to say (maybe I shouldn’t admit it) but my focus on the task at hand, competing, has been grossly pre occupied with food, junk food.

This is a text book example of the veteran mindset compared to a rookies mind set. I’m not where I need to be mentally. I’m improving, but clearly I have a ways to go.

This isn’t a poor me, beat myself up post. This is about learning. Self analysis, realizing there is room for improvement and discovering my weak points. For me right now it’s mental. My biggest weak point is failing to focus on the things that matter.

Going forward my focus needs to be on the stage. The feeling of being up there knowing that I could not have done any more or committed myself any more fully. I need to quit obsessing over things that don’t matter, like the foods I’m depriving myself of. They don’t matter, it’s just food and the enjoyment only lasts a few minutes. The pain of regret will linger for the rest of my life!

Ya, just a simple status update from my assistant coach, a little insight as to her mentality plus some Roxy Lean and I’m looking for deeper meaning. Whatever causes us to reflect I guess. Thanks Facebook. How about you? Where’s your focus?

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