Hassle Free Way To Cook LOTS of Chicken

You’re eating a lot of protein, or at least you’re supposed to be and you can’t just drink protein shakes all day either. This means that you need to cook a ton of meat almost daily or at least ever couple of days. The thing is cooking meat can be a pain, especially if you’re doing it every freaking night!

Food prep is KEY to your success whether it’s building muscle or getting ripped. Getting your food ready the night before will make all the difference in the world when it comes to results. When you’ve cooked as much meat as I have, you’ll figure out lots of different ways to get the meat cooking done.

Since food prep is so important, I thought I’d take a second and share one of the most hassle free ways to cook lots of Chicken (or other meat)! Not only will be done with little effort on your part, but it will taste damn good too! So here we go!

That thing in the kitchen, that has the burners on it…well it also has an oven, thus where it got it’s name. You’re going to use that! Don’t worry if you’ve never turned it on, its easy, my wife used it successfully the other day so I’m confident that you can do it too 😉

Step 1. Defrost your chicken if it’s frozen.

Step 2. Pre-heat your oven to 400-425 degrees.

Step 3. Coat your baking pan(s) with non-stick cooking spray or an oil of choice. *I like to use baking pans that are about 2 inches deep so you don’t any issues with all chicken juice when you’re done.

Step 4. Rinse your chicken once thawed and place on baking pans. You don’t need to leave much room between pieces. They will shrink as they cook. I pack mine in pretty tight and haven’t had an issue with the meat being uncooked. You might want to experiment with this.

Step 5. Season your chicken. I use Johnson’s seasoning salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder. You can use whatever you want. If you don’t have any fat restrictions you could put a light coat of oil over the chicken so the seasoning sticks to it, it also helps keep the meat moist.

Step 6. Place chicken on the center rack for 30-35 minutes. Again experiment with the right amount of time. 30 minutes is usually good.

Step 7. When the timer goes off I cut the thickest piece in half to make sure it’s done. As you get more experienced you’ll just know when it’s done. It’s like some kind of Jedi intuition.

Step 8. Allow it to cool. Then eat it, weigh it and package it as you need to. I just throw all of it in a plastic bag and weigh it as I need it.

That’s it! Prep time is less than 3 minutes! Just set a timer and walk away! Come back in 30 minutes and you have a massive amount of ready to eat protein!

Ninja Food Prep Tip #1 Use Your Oven!

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