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Thanks to the internet, I’m able to work with people all over the world. Distance is no issue when it comes to my online coaching services. I offer two great options for the individual who is ready to drastically change their physique while improving their health. When you hire me to be your coach I will guide you step by step through this process.

Online Option #1: Monthly Coaching

My monthly online coaching service starts with a 1 hour meeting via Skype, Google+, phone or messenger. During this meeting I’ll ask you a lot of questions. The reason for all of these questions is to help me get a feel for where you are and where you would like to go in terms of your goals.

After I’ve got all of the information that I need I can put together a customized diet and training program specifically for you and your goals.  Everything will be broken down for you and explained in detail. Before we finish the meeting I will answer any questions you have about your program.

Once you have your program for the next month, it’s up to you to follow it. Tracking your food and documenting your training sessions is important. In addition to keeping track of your food and workouts you’ll also need to pay attention to your body. Depending on your goals you may need to take several measurements each week in order to monitor your progress.

I require a minimum commitment of four months to become one of my online coaching clients. When you decide to purchase my monthly coaching service we will set up an online meeting or phone call once every four weeks to go over your progress. During this meeting I’ll ask a bunch of question to get an idea of how you’re responding to your diet and training program. Based on the feedback I’ll make the necessary changes to allow for continued improvement.

Online Option #2: Weekly Coaching

This option includes everything mentioned in the monthly coaching option described above. The difference is that we will schedule a meeting or phone call once every week instead of once a month. More consistent communication will allow me to make important changes to your diet or training program earlier.

The greatest benefit to meeting each week is the increased accountability. Knowing that we will be meeting each week to discuss what you’ve eaten and how your workouts are going will greatly improve your ability to follow through. Weekly check ins with a coach, trainer or mentor are huge! Not only will you elevate your effort but you’ll get expert guidance to make sure your doing everything right!

In addition to weekly meetings, when you go with Online Option #2 you will be able to text, email or message me with any questions that you have at any time. I answer questions at least once a day so my clients always get a timely response! I probably don’t have to explain how helpful this is but it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Whenever you have a question just shoot me a message!

As with option #1, I require a minimum commitment of four months for the weekly online coaching service. Setting a client up on a one month diet and training program is pointless, these things need to change as the client progresses.

Sure some decent results can happen in one month but I’m not after decent results, I’m after SERIOUS Results! And serious results take some time. Four months is the least amount of time I’ll work with a client because it’s enough time to get significant results.

There are no limits as to the degree of change that you are seeking. If you want to build a ton of muscle or lose 200 pounds, it doesn’t matter. I can develop a program to help you achieve these goals. More than just creating that program I know how to guide you to insure that your results are lasting and sustainable.

What I expect of You:

My expectations for you are simple. Follow the plan that I give you and provide feedback via email or Facebook messenger at least once a week. If you don’t follow the plan that I create for you the feedback is worthless. If you follow the plan perfectly but don’t give me feedback regularly, then I cannot make the adjustments that are necessary for continued progress.

How Long Does It Take:

Depending on your current situation and your goals, the amount of time it will take to achieve your goals will vary. Obviously some people will require more time and guidance than others. If you would like me to tell you how long it will take for you to achieve your goals then shoot me an email at and I’ll give you my honest opinion.

Regardless of your goals I require a minimum commitment of 4 months.

If you have further questions or you’re ready to get started, email me at so we can see if my online coaching services are right for you!

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