Personal Training

If you are interested in taking your training and physique to the next level, I offer a few different personal training options to help you achieve your goals.

Option #1: Monthly Coaching

During the initial 1 hour consultation I’ll ask you a ton of questions. Before I can customize a program that will help you achieve your goals, I have to understand where you are physically. I need to know what you’re eating, what your workouts look like and if you have any serious injuries or medical conditions that I need to take into consideration.

Once I have a clear understanding of where you’re starting, we will discuss where it is you want to go. This is where I’ll learn about your short term and long term fitness goals. If you’re not sure about your goals then I can help you define them. We will work together to come up with a list of achievable short-term and long-term goals as well as a realistic timeline for accomplishing them.

Based on the information from the consultation I’ll be able to structure a workout program that is specifically customized for you and your goals. I’ll break your workout down into a weekly and daily routine based on the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to your workouts.

Each workout will be broken down. Specific instructions on how to perform the exercises and go through the workouts will be provided as well. It’s not enough to just go through the motions, I’ll teach you how to get the most out of your workouts and the time you spend in the gym.

If you want serious results, then you need a plan when it comes to nutrition. No matter how hard you work, you can’t out train a bad diet. Whether your trying to build muscle or burn fat, what you eat and how much you eat will dictate your success.

My personal opinion when it comes to the best diet is that the best diet is one that the individual can follow easily for the rest of their life. The sad truth is that results achieved through dieting only last as long as the individual is following the diet. That’s why I teach you how to eat for life.

Using my dieting and nutritional strategies you’ll be able to add lean muscle mass and shed unwanted body fat while still being able to enjoy the foods that you love to eat. Restrictive diets that limit your food options are not sustainable for the long term, thus neither are the results that you get from following them. I’ll teach you how to break free from the cyclical pattern of losing and gaining once and for all!

All of this is included when you purchase my monthly consulting service. In order to become a consulting client I require a minimum commitment of four months. Significant results do not take place over night. In order to get the results you want you need to be willing to work with me for at least four months (longer for some).

During these months that you are my client we will meet every four weeks to discuss your diet and training programs. Based on how you respond to your customized program I will make adjustments to your diet and training to make sure you continue to progress. It’s up to you to follow the plan I create for you and to provide me with accurate and timely feedback.

Option #2: Weekly  Coaching

This option includes everything mentioned in the monthly consulting option. The only difference is that we meet once every week instead of once a month. This allows me to keep a closer eye on your progress and apply any changes to your diet and training program more frequently.

Perhaps the greatest value in meeting more often is the weekly accountability. If you know that you have to meet with me each week to discuss your diet and workouts then you’ll be more likely to adhere to your plan. For some people being held accountable is the most important benefit of hiring a personal trainer.

Option #3: 1 Hour Training Session

Personal training is only offered to individuals who have previously gone through a consultation. In my opinion a personal trainer should never take a client through a workout without doing a thorough evaluation of the clients goals, physical condition and medical history. It’s just irresponsible and frankly it’s a waste of the clients time and money.

Many of my consulting clients hire me to take them through a training session or two to demonstrate and teach them how to perform the workouts that I’ve prescribed in their training program. Other times clients hire me to give their workouts a shot in the arm, if they feel their intensity is lacking.

As I said accountability is a big factor for some people. Many clients have hired me to work with them on a weekly bases, often multiple times per week. It’s no surprise that my clients who have had the greatest success are the ones who have trained with me multiple times per week.

There are a lot of ways that the personal training option can be applied, it all depends on your goals, experience and what you need from me as your trainer.

Things To Consider

When you commit to becoming my client your goals become my goals. I take the pursuit of my goals very seriously and will put everything I have into making them a reality. Before taking on a new client I like to make sure that they are as committed to accomplishing their goals as I am.

With that being said, I prefer to only work with people who are serious about achieving their goals. Losing weight or building muscle can be a painstaking task. Many people start out very motivated only to burn out and give up after a few weeks. Once you hire me, we won’t stop until you’ve accomplished your goals. You will see the results you want if you’re willing to follow my advice and put in the work!

If you’re interested in becoming my client or you want to learn more about one of my services, please feel free to contact me at my personal email address: or by using the contact form on my website.