Project 2012 Training Schedule

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain my current training program. I’ve talked a little bit about my current nutritional strategy, but I haven’t included anything about training. So that’s what I’m going to cover real quick like.

The program that I’m following does have a detailed workout program that tells you the what, where, when and how of training. Honestly though I didn’t pay it much attention. My area of focus is on the nutritional side of things, I know how to lift things up and put them down. There’s nothing wrong with Mark’s training program, I just have my own proprietary blend of training that has given me excellent results over the years. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

My Weekly Training Schedule

Right now I’m training 5-6 days a week (6 if I can get my ass out of bed on the weekends). I have found through trial and error and years of training, that my body responds the best to training each muscle group individually. This means I dedicate a day of the week to a specific muscle or muscle group. Here is what I do on a weekly basis. I’ll provide a little explanation of this split below.

Monday – Back, Biceps & Core
Tuesday – Chest & Triceps
Wednesday – Quads, Hamstrings, Calves & Core
Thursday – Delts & Traps
Friday – Biceps & Triceps
Saturday – Quads, Hamstrings, Calves & Core
Sunday – OFF

Here’s some reasoning behind my training schedule. I like to train Back first thing on Monday because everyone and their mom does chest. This means you have every meat head in the gym fighting for all of the bench press stations and cable machines. I don’t like to fight or wait for equipment so I hit my back. There is literally no one doing back on Monday, all the machines are wide open. This makes super setting hassle free and gives you the freedom to do whatever exercises you want. This isn’t the main reason I train my back on Monday though.

The main reason that Monday is back day, is because I don’t like my back and leg day to be…back to back. Training back on Monday gives my lower back an extra day off before I have to torcher it again on leg day. There are also a number of excellent back exercises (T-Bar Rows) that can fatigue the legs, I don’t want to do that the day before I do heavy squats.

This layout also allows me to have space between my chest day and shoulder day. I like this because I am able to lift heavy on Tuesday and Thursday without worrying about over training my shoulders. Sometimes I like to hit my Traps twice a week. This split allows me to hit them on Monday and again on Thursday, giving me a solid amount time for recovery between workouts.

I’ll be honest I have core planned for 3 days a week, but right now I’m really only doing it on Wednesdays. I’m working on getting up earlier so I don’t skip these core sessions but you know how it is. In my defense I do a lot of big lifts that utilize my core, it’s not quite the same but it is better than nothing.

Biceps and triceps on Friday is just convenient and fun. It also fits nicely, so why not. Earlier in the week I usually do 1-2 exercises for the biceps on back day and 1-2 exercises for the triceps on chest day, but nothing super heavy or intense, just enough to get some blood in there. Friday is all about intensity. The arms are well rested and my energy levels are high so I take advantage of it.

As you can see I don’t split up my quads and hamstrings like a lot of people do. Instead work both, however Wednesday I might focus more on hammering my quads then more focus on my hamstrings on Saturday. I guess my reasoning behind this is that both muscle groups are recruited so much in compound exercises like the squat, leg press and lunges that you almost have no choice but to lift them together. This is just the way I do it.

I want to get more in depth about how I train, the exercises, the reps, the recovery intervals etc, but this post is getting rather lengthy so I’ll stop for now. Again this is just one of my favorite splits / schedules. As I’ve mentioned everyone has their own ideas on what muscle groups to train and when, this is mine. The truth is that you just need to experiment with different options to see what works best for you. Your comments are welcome back on my Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

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