We Are All Stones

It’s been told that Michelangelo stared at a large chunk of marbled stone everyday for months on end before he ever touched it. When people stopped to confront him and ask him why he was just sitting there not working he would reply, “I am working”.

After months of sitting and staring Michelangelo begin to chip away at this giant stone. When he was finished (apparently years later) the statue of David was complete.

Michelangelo stared at that stone everyday for months planning, visualizing every step from start to finish. He worked on his vision until it was complete but he didn’t stop there. Once he had his plan visualized he followed through and put that plan into action!

Many of you read my blog posts because your interested in improving your health or physique. Some of you are out of shape, maybe even in terrible shape. Others are in great shape looking to take your physique to the next level.

Whatever your situation is, we are all stones. It’s up to you to visualize what you want to become, create a plan, then put that plan into action! Michelangelo used these 3 steps to make his vision a reality. You can use these same 3 steps to accomplish just about anything. Here they are, simplified.

1. Develop a Goal
2. Make a plan to achieve your Goal
3. Take action and follow through with your plan

PhyiqueI know these steps work because I have applied them myself. My recent goal was to compete in my first competition. In addition to just getting on stage, my main focus was taking top 3 in my Physique class so I would qualify for National level events. I hired a coach with experience training individuals and competing at the National level (Check out Team Pitcher).

I put my coaches nutritional plan to work and trained my ass off! Once I had committed to getting on stage there was no going back, following through was the only option.

All of my hard work paid off. I took second out of 13 competitors in my first show, not a bad first outing. I accomplished my goal of placing top 3 and qualifying for Nationals. I have new goals now as I’ll be competing in my first National level competition June 15th in Chicago! I have applied these same steps to prepare for this competition and I’ll continue to do so until my goal is achieved.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? It can be if you know exactly what you want. If you create a realistic plan to accomplish it or seek out professional help in the design of your plan. Finally, it’s only this easy if you’re willing to do what it takes to work your plan.

Your plan is going to come up against obstacles, will you stop? Your plan is going to need adjusted/tweaked once in a while, are you willing to compromise your plan if necessary? Are you willing to see it through even if you fail numerous times in the process?

We are all stone just waiting to be turned into a master piece. For those that have the vision, plan and determination it will happen. For those that don’t, they’ll have to be content with being a stone, never knowing what they could have become.

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