When The Tide Goes Out

I heard Warren Buffet use this quote a few years ago in reference to the financial companies who were struggling due to poor business practices.

“When the tide goes out, we’ll see who’s been swimming naked.”

I’m not sure why, but I love that quote! I use it whenever I can and lately I’ve been applying it to my contest preparation. In 5 weeks that tide is going to go out and ill be there exposed!

5 weeks from today is the check in for the NPC Jr Nationals! It’s a big stage where ill be competing against the best physiques in the country! It’s a big step for me (some might say too big, but I’m not really interested in their concerns, wait until they hear about my plans to attend USAs and Nationals ;-)).

Anyways, I’m going to be on stage again in 5 weeks. The point in trying to make here is that I need to make sure that ill be ready! I need to make sure that I’m doing everything in my power to bring my best physique to that stage! Believe me, if I don’t those judges and everyone else in attendance will see it, they will notice if I haven’t done everything in my power to be my best.

When that tide rolls out, I’m going to be ready. Ill have a sick pair of board-shorts on and a killer physique with pounds if aesthetic muscle and no body fat! You aren’t going to catch me swimming naked (not in the ocean anyways, too many things that bite and sting).

How about you? You swimming naked? Do you have goals and dreams that you are taking a half assed approach to? If so why? Life could end tomorrow, is that how you want to go out!? I highly doubt it.

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